You Let Some GIRL Beat You?

Out in June 2012

I love hearing reader feedback on our books because the comments are so varied; things I never saw through all the hours of editing knock my upside the head in reviews. Author Annie Meyers Drysdale gave an amazing interview with Dave Isaac, Host of Breakthrough Thinking and Breakthrough Sports heard LIVE on KXXT 1010 AM.

He says Annie’s story is a love story:  A love for the competitive spirit, love of the sport, a love to live her life to the fullest, of love of her family, and the love of her life.

He hit the nail on the head because that’s exactly what attracted me to Annie’s story when her agent brought it to me. Annie’s story hits all of us in some manner with her message of:

  • Have the courage to be who you are
  • Have the inspiration to be your best
  • Believe you can be whoever you want against all odds
  • Don’t be afraid to overcome culture obstacles

Whenever I’ve had a tough day, I can hear Annie’s voice ringing in my ears, “Come on, Lynn, you gonna let that get you down?”

Yeah, she’s all that. I hope you set aside some time to listen to the radio interview. You’ll feel ready to take on a cage full of lions. Pinky swear.


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