Change in Zip Code

"What the hlell?"

“What the hell?”

So the hubs got this amazing job that puts the jam in his jelly doughnut. But it’s not in California. It’s in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. Across the country from the current Batcave. I have to say that I’m thrilled right down to my blackened soul (if I had one, that is). Change is good.

The only thing changing is our addy. That’s the lovely thing about electronics; they allow companies to go anywhere. The beagle isn’t quite sure what to make of it all, but as long as there’s alcohol involved, she’s game.

So sometime between now and October-ish, I’ll be making a looong drive, and I can’t wait.

11 Responses to Change in Zip Code

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    …wow. This just made us meeting up quite a bit more feasible, one of these days. Still not that close, but not Cali.

  2. stephanieberget says:

    Have fun. Moving can be such an adventure.

  3. Aloha Lynn,

    Sounds like another wonderful adventure with “Mr. Behler.” 🙂

    Good luck, and God speed (just don’t get a ticket 🙂

  4. Aston West says:

    The next time I get up into that area (might be a while, since I just visited in June), I’ll have to give you advance warning (so you can escape)… 😉

  5. Definitely no escaping, Todd. Email me, and we’ll do the lunch thang and share much mirth.

  6. ludmilla bollow says:

    When opportunity knocks, welcome it with open arms. Move forward with open heart and successful hubby.
    Bon voyage – Ludmilla (You could stop in Wisconsin on the way?)

  7. Frank Mazur says:

    Now you’re getting into the familiar digs of my early days. Fort Pitt & Squirrel Hill tunnels, here comes Lynn.

  8. sherylnantus says:

    We’re gonna meeet!!!

  9. Shut up…are you in Pitts? You’re on, and I’m buying.

  10. sherylnantus says:

    I’m about two hours south but can do a day trip – Brownsville, if you want to Google it.

    Welcome to the land of Steelers and Primanti’s!


  11. You’ll still be able to buy Patron in the River Town, but limes will cost more. Best Wishes to the Beagle!

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