Go, Women’s Basketball!

Like everyone else in the world, I’m caught up in the Olympics. Women’s basketball is especially meaningful right now, as they play for the Gold. I have Annie Meyers Drysdale to thank for that because her fabulous book, YOU LET SOME GIRL BEAT YOU? gave me a front row seat to a woman’s dream of achieving the near-impossible – not for anything other than love of the game. It’s one of the things I love about Annie – her purity. Her single-minded focus never let anything get in her way of reaching her goals. Annie’s book isn’t just a great story about a woman who broke the glass ceiling of women’s basketball, but it’s a great example of how to live life.

I just received a postcard from Annie yesterday, from London, where she’s doing the announcing for women’s basketball for the Olympics, and I know she’s a bundle of nerves for our women athletes. So go celebrate the fabulosity of our athletes by picking up a copy of Annie’s book because you’ll also find that you’re celebrating your life.

One Response to Go, Women’s Basketball!

  1. Dan Holloway says:

    Lynn, I was thinking of you while watching the Olympic coverage a few days ago, captivated by the progress and eventual gold medal of Kayla Harrison, and her incredible story. I thought if ever there’s anyone who’s story was made for your press, it’s hers

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