I am officially Pittsburgh Pricey. Nothing is broken or lost, and we have lots and lots and lots of boxes. My new mantra is the same as my old mantra:

“Where is (insert just about anything)?”

“It’s in a box.”

It’s gorgeous here. We’re surrounded by forests that make all sorts of whooshy noises when the breeze blows through. And they’re all turning colors. COLORS! Who knew?

And night noises. Crickets. CRICKETS. They make all sorts of crickety noises that are so soothing and lull my blackened soul off to dreamland.

And country roads. COUNTRY ROADS. They’re adorable little narrow one-laners that wind through those gorgeous forests.

And my office view. MY OFFICE VIEW. It’s so foresty-pretty that it may soften my blackened soulless heart. MAY…And once I can actually get into my office, I’ll snap a pic of it.

I can’t wait to do more exploring but, well, my life is still in a box. The main goal is to unpack. But it’s supposed to drop down to the 50s this weekend, so I have to go out and shiver like only a transplanted So. Cal gal can.

7 Responses to PITTSBURGH!

  1. Congrats! I may have to come visit your forests!

  2. Now I know you’ve moved for good. I am envious of the windy roads, country feel and you are going to have a real Christmas with snow. All the best to you Lynn, and your family. Sonia

  3. awparker says:

    When you get to New Castle, stop by my wife’s cousins’ houses and say hi. Go after Thanksgiving and buy a tree from their farm. It will hold till Christmas if you have them flock it.

  4. Frank Mazur says:

    … and you’re gonna become a Steeler fan, right?

  5. I am there with you, in heart and spirit! I have gone through it many times! Too many times! But what puzzles me the most is this, How are you still able to string words together in a coherent fashion! I am worthless for weeks after a move! You Go Girl!

  6. Connie, I think if Baby Daughter hadn’t been with us, I would be wimpering in some corner sucking my thumb.

    Frank: Most probably a Steeler fanship is in my future

    Allen: Will they be wearing clothes?

    Amanda: You’re most welcome to join us!

  7. tbrosz says:

    Let us know how you like the weather about mid-February. I’m originally from Minnesota, and my favorite view of snow is on a distant mountaintop.

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