Godspeed, Kit Ward

kit ward

It’s taken me a couple days to get over the shock of hearing about Kit’s sudden passing. I’m still not reconciled to it. People like Kit don’t succumb because their presence is larger than life. They have an inner light that brightens up a room the minute they walk in.

I met Kit several years ago through brilliant author Kim Kircher at the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Conference. I was hoping to sign Kim, and Kim was hoping to sign with Kit to represent her in the contract negotiations. Kim, some of her buds, Kit, and I ended a long day at the conference by sitting outside under a very unusual warm Seattle evening, sharing many rounds of wine.

Everyone was so sympatico that we seemed destined to be friends. Kit ended the evening saying what I was thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool to work together?” Destiny rocked, and Kit signed Kim and did the contract negotiations for Kim’s fabulous book, The Next 15 Minutes.

The following year, we did an early print run especially for the conference. Kit was so ticked to see the book in its final printing. Her nose wrinkled up with glee while waving the book around. We celebrated that evening with Kim treating us pleibans to an amazing flight-seeing tour of Seattle, complete with champagne.

We all giggled and oo’d and ahh’d over the fabulous view before ending the evening with more drinkies and fun at Kim’s beautiful lakefront home. Ever the silly, Kit regaled us with crazy stories from her fascinating past that encompassed her stint as editor with Little Brown before opening up her literary agency.

Kit had a way of telling a story that sent me into fits and giggles because she was invariably at the butt end of the story – which made me love her all the more. Self effacing, funny, kind, and warm, that was Kit to a tee. She was tough when she had to be, but it was always with the utmost professionalism and panache. You simply couldn’t dislike her.

And now she’s gone. Taken away too early. Kit, you were a fun person, a smart woman, and a lovely goof who always made me laugh, and the world is a little darker with you not in it. On the upside, I expect that you’re in the process of signing God with a literary contract while charming the angels with your fun stories. Godspeed, my friend.

5 Responses to Godspeed, Kit Ward

  1. talklady says:

    what a wonderful tribute to a friend!

  2. Anita Neuman says:

    That was beautifully said. It made me smiley and teary at the same time. And I love the picture of her signing God to a contract.

  3. Kim Kircher says:

    I miss Kit. I miss calling her up to ask a simple question and getting in return a virtual hug and literary ego boost. She was a wonderful advocate, and I’m thrilled to have known her. Thanks for the tribute.

  4. Gareth says:

    Such nice words. Thank you. This is a very beautiful tribute to my mom.

  5. Annita Sawyer says:

    Oh my goodness! I had no idea! Kit’s encouragement as agent and friend brought to where I am today. I’d say more if I could find the right place. How terribly sad. Peace, Dear Friend.

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