Doin’ What You Love

beagle love

I’m not normally a big Valentine’s Day junkie because, well, in truth, the hubs makes me feel like every day is Valentine’s Day. I know, collective awwwww. But I am a proponent of doing what you love. I talk to a lot of authors, and those with book deals are now thrown into the world of deadlines and serving another master. Their time isn’t their own anymore, and they have to shift gears. It’s easy to lose the love.

Others experience rejection letter after rejection letter. Hearing “No thank you” is soul-sucking stuff and you may feel like you’re going nowhere fast. Worse, you question your talent. That may be valid, or it may be hooey. But it’s easy to lose the love.

And then there’s that other group for whom the words simply aren’t coming. They’re stuck. It’s nearly impossible to put a single finger on the keyboard. You want to toss your computer out a second story window, drink heavily, clean (yeah, I’ve never experienced that particular affliction), or invert your belly button. It’s easy to lose the love.

If you’re in one of these groups, you’re probably ready to toss yourself under a garbage scow. Stop. Take a breath, let the rescue beagles fix you a margarita, so you can remember that you got into this silly thing because you love writing.Repeat after me. You. Love. Writing.

Since this Valentine’s Day, take the time to love you and your love of writing. It’s hard to be effective job at anything if you don’t love it, be it a relationship, a job, or writing. So today (and every day thereafter), remind yourself of your love for the ability to put fingies to keyboard and pour your soul out on cyber paper. Cherish the snippets of time you can steal away to lose yourself in your story. Nurture yourself and your talents the way you’d nurture your job or your relationships, because writing is food for the soul.

Happy Writing-tine’s Day!

2 Responses to Doin’ What You Love

  1. Love is contagious– esp. if you get too close to someone. So, be careful whom you catch it from. Sometimes it takes a looong time to get rid of — and you may also have to spend a lot of time in bed.
    Love – Ludmilla

  2. tbrosz says:

    Thanks. I needed that.

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