Kim Kircher, Author of The Next 15 Minutes, is a Winner!


The rescue beagles and I are having a serious WoOt moment.

The NAJSA (North American Snowsports Journalism Award) honored our beautiful and brilliant author, Kim Kircher (The Next 15 Minutes), with The Harold Hirsch Award for excellence in journalism in the Book category. The Book category is only given every three years. Judges are chosen based on their expertise in the field, and are not members of the organization. The award is named for Harold Hirsch, a long-time ski journalist, and member of the NASJA Board.

Stuff like this makes my spine tingle because I remember first meeting Kim at the PNWA Conference and loving her and her book. I remember going over edits together, and was continually amazed (and grateful) at how great she was at rewrites. We spend countless hours watching a book go from infant to shoving it out of the nest, so when a respected body of professionals deems that book a winner, it brings it all home for me.

I think this deserves a day of free e-books, don’t you? For Wednesday and Thursday, email me ( for your free e-book of THE NEXT 15 MINUTES, which is a fabulous and gripping story of finding strength at the top of the mountain in the face of huge personal turmoil. Be sure to put FREE NEXT 15 MINUTES in the Subject line.

WoOt, Kimba. Well done.

2 Responses to Kim Kircher, Author of The Next 15 Minutes, is a Winner!

  1. Kim deserves that award! I bought the book, read it, was intrigued by every page, plus learning so much about the ski world I never knew, and the heart of a brave woman with so many skills.

  2. PS– had to get new pic — finally did it. here goes–

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