No-Whine Zone

I admit to having an aversion to whining. I ground my teeth when my kids did it as wee bairns, and I do it to this day whenever I hear someone uttering the most toxic words in the English language…”I can’t.” Those words are a personal choice. Don’t tell yourself you can’t finish writing that chapter, you can’t finish your manuscript, you can’t find your writing mojo, you can’t meet your deadline, you can’t promote your book.

It’s a choice. Nothing more. If you’re feeling challenged today, I suggest watching this. It’ll give you a whole new perspective about those damaging words, “I can’t.”

Yes, you can.

One Response to No-Whine Zone

  1. ericjbaker says:

    Great. Something else for me to whine about: Yet another person who is way better, more inspiring, more noble, and more admirable than me. Thanks a lot!


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