Jimmy Fallon – You Rock (I think)

TesticlesOk, so I have to tell you about my wild week. I awoke to my beautiful author, Melissa Haynes, telling me about Jimmy Fallon’s show Tuesday night and his segment about THE 10 TITLES NOT TO READ. WTF, sez I. Well, guess who was #1? LEARNING TO PLAY WITH A LION’S TESTICLES.

Ok, a little about the  title.  We made a very conscious decision with this title – even after long barky discussions with our distributor about changing it. They were afraid we may offend someone. Huh? This coming from the same fabo distributor who distributes GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP? Hello? Long story short, I held my ground because it’s the very heart and soul of the book. and it’s a South African saying that means to take foolhardy chances. And hey, isn’t better to take foolhardy chances than to take no chances at all?

Ok, so that’s exactly what we did here. Talk about playing with a lion’s testicles…

So now we have Jimmy Fallon mentioning the #1 title to millions of viewers. Holy sweetbreads. Can we make lemonade out of this? Well, I guess I shouldn’t have worried. The book apparently sold out on Amazon/ Canada, and Amazon/US. Melissa’s blog blew up and she’s inundated with people emailing her to say how fabulous it is.

Our site has blown up as well, with LEARNING TO PLAY WITH A LION’S TESTICLES being the #1 search. Additionally, Becky Mushko’s Peevish Pen site blew up with her review of Melissa’s book. So lotsa people have inquiring minds…

So I contacted the producers on Jimmy Fallon Show with a very tongue in cheek email about how we all had a huge giggle over it all, and prompted all sorts of attention, and that it only seemed fitting to have our author (who is freaking drop dead gorgeous) on the show to redeem herself. I explained the title’s origin and how it was obvious that everyone connected with the show had mastered the art of playing with a lion’s testicles, given the popularity of the show.

The show’s booking agent contacted me and said my email was one of the most entertaining of the day, and we’re now in discussions about having her on the show! OMG. Holy pickle livers!

So here’s the segment in all its glory. I can’t help but wince a bit because Melissa’s book is so amazing. But at the end of the day, you have to be able to laugh because life is too short to get your Vickie Secrets in a twist. That said, I hope we kick ass with this.

Let this be a lesson to all you wonderful authors out there – life is stranger than fiction, and you have to be ready to ride the big wave. Yes yes, I’m mixing metaphors. So sue me. Or better yet, send my name to Jimmy Fallon…

7 Responses to Jimmy Fallon – You Rock (I think)

  1. Wow, how awesome is that:)

    Sometimes all you need is a little luck, timing and well, a big pair 🙂

    Good luck and hope Melissa makes the show 🙂

  2. Tom says:

    All I can say is… well, I *can* say a lot more, but…

    Learning To Play With A Lion’s Testicles was a *great* book, and I’m glad to see it’s getting the exposure it richly deserves…

  3. If anyone knows how to get great publicity for a book, it’s Lynn at Behler. I think you should go on the show too, with Melissa– what a stunning pair that would be, and I’m sure you’ll know how to work in more publicity. After all, there should be a “pair” for this peek at writers and their work. (Know you can’t get the other pair, or can you?) Let us know when you’re on–
    Cheers – Ludmilla

  4. Ohhhh, hell to the no…I wouldn’t DREAM of appearing on a show unless it was for my own book. Can’t steal the thunder, yanno? I’m more than happy to sit in the background.

    Bless you, Tom. So, so loved this book. I must have read it a million times during the production/editing phase, and I cried and laughed hysterically every. Damn. Time.

  5. The media is so hard to understand and make use of, it is good news for writers everywhere when it manages to actually bring attention to a deserving book. Kudos are due to you, your writer and to Jimmy Kimmel’s Producer/Research person as well.

  6. Val says:

    Lynn, when I get a book deal, I want you to name it! What a riot! : )

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