Chris booksigningChris Baughman is full of awesome. He’s an awesome sandwich. No…he’s an awesome banquet. Chris’ book signing at the Las Vegas B&N this past Saturday was a resounding success.

His new book OFF THE STREET: REDEMPTION (B&N link) had chills running up and down my spine because of the lengths he and his PIT unit (Pandering Investigative Team) do to rescue women who have been brutally victimized by the dirtbags who sell them to the highest bidder – even if it means jeopardizing the case against these dirtbags. With Chris, the women’s safety and well-being always come first.

Human trafficking is an incredibly ugly business, and Chris wades through the muck with grace and some of the most amazing detective skills I’ve ever seen. REDEMPTION is a gritty case that pits Chris against Mario Davis, someone from his old neighborhood, someone he looked up to as a fellow basketball player at his high school. Mario had it what it took to escape their rough Las Vegas neighborhood, but his life took a vicious U-turn, which brought him to Chris’ attention after Mario severely beat two of his stable of ten women. Chris needs to dig up the secrets and lies in order to build a case against Mario, yet do everything he can to protect the victims.

REDEMPTION is a story about coping with the brutality of the job, saving the victims, and saving a piece of Chris’ soul along the way. This book blew my doors off. Not many of us could do the job Chris does, and I give him a huge huzzah for taking on the cases that no one else can.

If that’s not enough, Chris is co-host of the new show SLAVE HUNTER on MSNBC starting December 1. See what I mean by awesome?

One Response to OFF THE STREET: REDEMPTION is in Da House!

  1. Christi says:

    Sounds like a great read! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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