Friends and Lovers of Writers: Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned…

writers rules1. This warrants a quick kick to the shins of the person who deigns to ask such a ridiculous question.
2. Personally, I don’t have a problem with this question. I always tell them that I have written the latest bestseller.
3. Ok, I wanna show of hands for those of you who have heard this and wished you had a dime for every time someone uttered this. If we pooled our money together, I bet we could throw one hell of a party.
4. True story: I asked an ER doc about the weirdest thing he’d ever seen while on shift during a full moon, and he regaled me with a story about a patient who presented with a hairdryer up her hoo hoo. Now I had to research that. Hey, don’t look like that…you’d do the same.
5. My family has personal experience with this. Entire conversations took place that I have absolutely no memory of. The fallback in the Price Batcave was, “Was Mom writing when you said that?” It was my get outta jail free card.
6. Oh. Hell. Yes. To that bitchy teller at the bank…Chapter 3 is on you.
7. I…oh…um…yeah, whatever.
8. I can attest that I have NEVER done this. Ever.
9. To this I say, bless Doris Dumrauf and Annette Dashofy and their Christmas gifts…
10. Word.

6 Responses to Friends and Lovers of Writers: Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned…

  1. My pleasure, Lynn. And there are definitely some people who need to learn #6. *big evil smile*

  2. T. M. Hunter says:

    Usually, I get #3 when I’m sitting at a bookstore or a convention selling books…but sometimes it comes up in random in-world conversations when the other person finds out I’m published.

  3. As to #3. As a teacher, I’m amazed by the numbers who think they can write a book–and by those who assume there’s nothing to it. Everyone who reads thinks he can write.As did I–once. I tell them, “You’ve heard dozens play the piano. Does this make you a piano player?” Maralys

  4. #4 is so true that I’ve set my history to erase every time I log off. That backfires when I can’t re-find that neat article about butchering your victim for the barbeque or …

  5. Val says:

    # 1 irritates me because people say it like everyone who writes a book gets it published, so what’s wrong with yours?!

    Enjoyed your post, as always!

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