Spring = New Stuff

KeepingYourHeadloresSpring is currently in a fight-to-the-death battle with Winter, which wreaks havoc with my sinuses and wardrobe. Looking out the window is a joke because big fat icky clouds might be loitering just beyond the horizon, waiting to pounce on me after I’ve decided on shorts. So I really wish these two seasons would come to some understanding…like, hello, Winter…it’s freaking April, so do I really need snow flurries and the heater?

Hell no.

But Winter realizes that we’ve just moved to Burlington, Iowa, and she wants to prove that the heater in this grand, stately 1890s brick gorgeosity of a house really does work. Yah. Okay, I got that, now please bring back the 80 degrees we had over the weekend.

Even Mother Nature was fooled, because she managed to wake up the flowers and blossoms. This grand, stately bloom-y tree outside my grand, stately house is trying to figure out if it’s really okay to bloom its pretty pink things, or whether it should close up shop and wait it out. Same for the purple flower-y things in the backyard. They’re freaked.

Spring really is representative of new stuff. New house, new town, new state, LOTS OF BOXES, and deciding where to put all our stuff.  And for a lot of people – sadly – that new stuff may include unemployment. I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t been touched by unemployment, especially over the past few years. It feels like an epidemic. When Robert Leahy’s (author of THE WORRY CURE) agent sent me KEEPING YOUR HEAD AFTER LOSING YOUR JOB, I knew I had to publish.

This isn’t your typical unemployment book that helps you write a better resume, or look for the perfect job, blah, blah, blah. Dr. Leahy’s book is about helping you not freak out and toss yourself under a bus. He gives important tools to change your life during this time of change – new stuff, stuff you’ll keep for the rest of your life. This is the unemployed person’s bible that keeps you from sinking into the blame game, sleepless nights, binge eating, and worse, family issues…because, hey, unemployment doesn’t happen to just YOU, but the entire family.

As a cognitive therapist, Dr. Leahy gives fabulous examples of how to take charge at a time when you feel most helpless and powerless and vulnerable, and  build up your self esteem.

We’ve always been about publishing books that make people think, invite change, and help, and KEEPING YOUR HEAD AFTER LOSING YOUR JOB is one of our shining stars. So here’s to new stuff, be it waiting out snowflakes or waiting out unemployment. Go out there and be fabulous!

Here is a wonderful review of KEEPING YOUR HEAD AFTER LOSING YOUR JOB by Barton Career Advisers’ career transition coach, Ed Weirauch.

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