Keeping Your Head After Losing Your Job – NBC has a great article

KeepingYourHeadloresMaria Shriver asked our author, Robert L. Leahy, PhD to write an article about unemployment and trying to keep a healthy attitude during this tough time. The article is up on the NBC site, so I hope y’all go over and take a look.

Unemployment is such a scary experience because it’s about facing so many unknowns. I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t been touched by unemployment at some point or another. KEEPING YOUR HEAD AFTER LOSING YOUR JOB is a godsend to those who feel like they’re drowning. This isn’t just an attitude change, but a fabulous life change to help readers get successful and stay successful.

Read the article, then get thee to your local bookstore or favorite online store:

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4 Responses to Keeping Your Head After Losing Your Job – NBC has a great article

  1. Where’s his by-line, introduction/bio-snippet and any mention of his writing? It’s nice to be asked to contribute, but where’s the payoff? I wouldn’t be too happy with that if I’d written it, despite it being great, concise advice and good information.

  2. Not an unfair comment, Richard.And I agree.

  3. The Media I’ve dealt with always understood the implied partnership. I’m quite surprised at NBC, I would have expected them to know how this whole thing works!

  4. Since I wasn’t part of this negotiation, I don’t know how it all went down. When I’m promoting an author article, I always ensure their bio + links (if possible) are included at the end of the article. At the very least, NBC did include the Amazon link.

    And, as snotty as it sounds, the fact that Maria Shriver/NBC wanted this interview speaks volumes about Robert’s pedigree.

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