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Finding Dad- lores

There’s a terrific article in the Daily Mail showcasing our author, Kara Sundlun, and her new book FINDING DAD: From “Love Child” to Daughter. Kara’s story blew my doors off because she grew up never meeting her father until she was 17, when she sued him for paternity. Her main goal was to open up the door to create a relationship with him. He’d spent two years blowing off her letters, so she took the more drastic route.

The paternity test proved they were father and daughter, and the lawsuit was about owning up to his responsibilities to his daughter. Her father, Bruce Sundlun, then Governor of Rhode Island, could have done the bare minimum and paid for Kara’s college. But he did a shocking thing and invited her to move into his home so they could get to know each other.

Obviously, there was a lot of hurt and emotions were running high, but Kara (at 17) overlooked the hurt and feelings of abandonment, and the two of them went on to have an amazing father/daughter relationship. But it all began with Kara’s willingness to forgive.

Forgiveness is a tough thing, and I so admire the way Kara kept her eye on the ball, and never gave up believing that one day, she’d become more than a “Love Child,” and become a beloved daughter.

A fabulous read, heartwarming, funny, and a true testimony of how love always finds a way. Go, Kara!

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