happy capt picard copyOf course, Capt. Picard wouldn’t think twice about a chick in command of a big fat flying tube. But when Erika Armstrong was flying, chicks in the cockpit weren’t the norm. In fact, they still aren’t.

Erika’s life in the cockpit shaped her life outside of the cockpit, and it’s that dichotomy that makes this book a “gotta read.” As I do with all the books we publish, I laughed up a lung and grabbed for the box of Kleenex. If you love flying, or the idea of it, ever wondered what pilots give up in order to be the best, and love seeing wonderful acts of heroism from a very unexpected group of people, then you need to have A CHICK IN THE COCKPIT on your reading shelf.

Lee Woodruff – NY Times bestselling author and wife of wounded CBS journalist Bob Woodruff – had this to say about CHICK…“A fascinating glimpse into Erika’s captivatingly unexpected turbulence in a world where men still rule.”

Tighten your seatbelts, kiddies! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

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