Commiting Book-ricide

June 21, 2013

book suicide

Who needs reality shows when you can read Behler books – unbeatable, unforgettable, soul-swelling memoir.

And this is why I don’t believe in the words, “I can’t”

January 20, 2012

There are two words I dislike as much as the beagle hates sobriety, and it’s “I can’t.”

Blah. Who ever found success by saying “I can’t”? Give it your all and don’t give up. Ever. And remember that when you do give up, you’re giving up on yourself. Go. Write. Be brilliant and never ever say “I can’t.” It may not be exactly what you hoped or imagined, but you can do it. Whatever it is.

And you know what? That is exactly why we publish the books we do. None of our writers ever said “I can’t.” You can see that in the fabulous stories they tell. They faced adversity in the eye and said, “Screw you, I’m not going home and climbing under the covers.” So go out and embrace your fabulosity.

I can finish my manuscript.
I can publish your book on time.
I can find my writer’s voice.
I can have the publishing contract I want.
I can continue to do my job, regardless of what’s going on in my personal life.

Life is meant to be lived, not a collection of excuses – so go out there and kick ass.

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