Debt of Gratitude

There have been any number of times friends of mine have played the “I’ve got the suckiest job ever,” and I never want to play because I feel the exact opposite. I have the most amazing job in the world – for me. I’ve had plenty of jobs since I sprung from a dino egg in the early Jurassic Era – mom [which sometimes made me vacillate between wondering whether God is a sadistic twerp or just really, really smart], substitute teacher, bank teller, clothes painter [which actually was a ton of fun and comes in at a close second], author [also a close second], and publisher.

The mom job isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon and the older my spawn get, the more adorable they become. In the same vein, I’ll never give up writing. But no other job has affected me more on a personal level than being a publisher because I bear witness to the depths of people’s lives that shake my soul to its most basic elements.

It’s a huge honor to read stories about how my authors’ lives have been shaped by their experiences, and there isn’t a one who doesn’t touch my heart and alter the way I view myself and my perceptions of how best to circumvent this crazy thing we call LIFE.

I know, I know, editors try to put forth the idea that we have no hearts, and what little we have is blackened and soulless. But the realities are this: my authors are the most amazing people on this planet, and I am so fortunate to be a small part of their lives. It always stops me short whenever an author thanks me for the role I play in their literary experience. My impact  pales in comparison to the effect they’ve had on me.

To my beautiful authors, I say, “No…thank YOU. Thank you for your talent and the willingness to express your stories in a beautiful, touching, gripping manner than tugs at the heart and influences old and moldy thought patterns.”

I’m a better person for having known my authors and continue to be amazed at the abundant talent that crosses my desk. You take my breath away.

Truly, I have the absolute coolest job in the world. Bless ye, all good writers.

2 Responses to Debt of Gratitude

  1. Chris says:

    Wow! Umm…Thank you Lynn, you’re all that! However, I don’t know about you having the coolest job, we might be tied for first. 🙂

  2. Ok, you have a very cool job…for you. Even though I’d love to have a gun, thar be no way this gal is gonna do what you do. Evah.

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