Do I Need a New Book? Yes, you do…

June 24, 2013

need a new bookAnd since we have established this fact, may I suggest our newest release:

Testicles-smLEARNING TO PLAY WITH A LION’S TESTICLES is excellent reaching for the beach/vacation/avoiding work/general malaise. We’ve rated this as a 3 on the Boxes of Kleenex Scale, and a 5 on the Laugh ‘Til Your Abs Hurt Scale, as author Melissa Haynes travels to South Africa to volunteer on a game reserve, blithely believing she’s helping save the animals when, in fact, they end up saving her.

So yes, you need to buy a new book. This book.

1400 Blog Posts – Time to Celebrate With a Free Book

April 9, 2013


Hey, I just noticed that I posted my 1400th blog post. In celebration of my extreme wind-baggery, I’m giving away 10 copies (or e-book version) of our newest release, LEARNING TO PLAY WITH A LION’S TESTICLES by Melissa Haynes.

If you love stories about the healing powers of the animals of South Africa – yeah, even the drippy fanged ones – and one very handsome but cranky animal reserve ranger, then you won’t stop laughing, or maintain a dry eye

Email me (, and I’ll get a copy out to you. If you want the e-book version, I’ll email the book directly to your Kindle or Nook account.

Non-US residents – e-book version only.

For Kindle users

Most of you don’t know what your Kindle email account is. I need it in order to send you the e-book version. It will have the extension You can find it in your Amazon account.

Click on Manage My Kindle under your Amazon account (it’s on the upper right-hand corner). When the new window opens, you’ll see a bunch of options on the left-hand side. Scroll down to the Your Kindle Account section, and click on Manage Your Devices. Your Kindle will pop up with your Kindle email addy.

Chris Baughman – from the heart

November 4, 2011

For those of you who haven’t yet picked up a copy of Detective Chris Baughman’s book, Off the Street, I urge you to read this article. Not only does it highlight his poetic writing style, but the passion in his heart to put an end to human trafficking.

Human trafficking knows no economical or social boundary, and I’m grateful to Chris for assuming this burden. We all need more Chris Baughmans.

Why I love being a publisher

July 2, 2011

We went to a friend’s birthday party last night. Toward the end of the evening most everyone had gone home, leaving a handful of us sitting around the table outside enjoying the warm summer night. Of course, talk turned to books. Someone piped up and asked about our books, so I happily recommended Charting the Unknown because I knew they’d love it. While describing the book and all the reasons why I adore Kim Petersen’s writing, someone else leaned forward and said, “Hey, I read that book. I borrowed it from a friend of mine. It was fantastic.”

Blink blink. Oh happy day.

Really? sez me, the cover has Kim sitting on the bow of the boat, right? Yah yah, sez she. Fantastic book.

Is there any greater feeling than publishing something you love and hearing someone bought it and felt the same way? It’s the same feeling I get when I go to a bookstore and see our books on the shelves. It’s confirmation that all the hard work and long hours everyone put in has paid off. Our jobs isolate us much of the time from our dearest loves – readers – so getting feedback about how someone loved one of your “children” is about as good as it gets.

And really, nothing sells a book better than someone who’s read it and loved it. Hearing it bounced back at you is simply delicious.

So if you’re looking for a travel essay that delves deeply into a woman’s heart and eloquently mirrors the common fears and hopes that dwell in all of us – with a huge dose of humor – then make Charting your next summer read (also available in Kindle and NOOK). Kim is a brilliant writer with a very bright future.

Hey, I know because I went to a party last night. I haz a happy.

Make me laugh…win a book

June 30, 2011

It’s true that writers are the cleverest of all, and over the years your comments have made me think, and most of all, you’ve made me laugh. So I’ve decided to reward such cleverness by choosing a Great Comment of the Month. The winner gets a freebie copy of The Writer’s Essential Tackle Box.

June’s winner was Becky for her comment in the post The Eleventh Commandment. The Beckster made me laugh out loud, so her book is winging its way to her house.

I love to laugh and I love to share, so this seems to be the best of all worlds, no?

New Yawk bound

May 3, 2011

So we’re gettin’ on a jet plane early in the morning. I’m sure we’ll all get our individual feel-ups and body cavity searches before climbing on board. I’m hideously excited about this trip because we’ll have two days of pitching our new lineup to the sales teams before having a round robin meeting with all of them individually. Then we’ll have some great seminars before we get on to partaying with our colleagues. HoOya!

It’s really hard to cram four fabulous books into 13 minutes because I could blather on all day long on just one title. I think I’ve got a good presentation written up, but I’m sure to get my asterick kicked once Sweetcheeks takes a look at my write ups. He’s good that way, bringing up stuff that I forget. We’re a good team, and he’ll have a five hour flight to red line my tome.

So, my darling authors, Gay Culverhouse, brilliant author of Throwaway Players, Chris Baughman, equally brilliant author of Off the Street, Kim Kircher, whose incredible book The Next 15 Minutes makes me want to get an inhaler, and investigative reporter Chip Jacobs, who has a rousing book The Ascension of Jerry…wish me luck that I don’t stumble over my verbs and nouns and do you proud.

You guys rock.

I haz a happy…

November 3, 2010

Lookie at whose books are sporting new clothes…winner stickers!

Shout out for Stan Chambers

October 30, 2010

Stan, Los Angeles news icon, LA Times bestselling author, and perennial nice guy had a wonderful interview in the BBC. They wanted to get his insights on the Chilean miners rescue coverage and how he started it all back in 1949 with the Kathy Fiscus coverage, where he stayed on the air for 27 hours.

If you want to know how news coverage began and hear some amazing stories that Stan personally covered – some that rocked the world – then you need go no further than News At 10.

What can I say? Behler books simply rock

October 25, 2010

So I’m dancing around the office like a goat on crack. Why, you ask? Because four of our titles are USA Book News winners.

Winner (Travel Essay): Charting the Unknown by Kim Petersen

Winner (Business: Writing/Publishing): The Writer’s Essential Tackle Box by Lynn Price (srsly swooning here)

Finalist (Business: Reference): The Writer’s Guide to the Courtroom: Let’s Quill All the Lawyers by Donna Ballman

Finalist (New Age: Non-Fiction): Nothing Short of Joy by Julie Genovese

Beagle, fire up the blender. There will be tequila in our bloodstreams today!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

October 24, 2010

Behler authors ROCK.

So, I’m here at the Florida Writer’s Conference, which is wonderful. On top of all their wonderfulness, they have a lovely thing called the Royal Palms Literary Awards. Two of our authors were finalists. Yay!

While they sat and grit their teeth in typical “I’m so freaking nervous, I could eat rusty nails” fashion, I knew they were going to win.


Donna Ballman won in her category for The Writer’s Guide to the Courtroom: Let’s Quill All the Lawyers, and Kim Petersen won Honorable Mention for Charting the Unknown in the Memoir category.

Of course, all this set off a flurry of buying the remaining copies of their books in the bookstore. Ah, the stuff that brings a tear to me heartless soul.

And my book? Tackle Box? Yah. Um. I forgot to send them to the conference.

I don’t wanna talk about it.

Ladies, take a bow!

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