Shout out for Stan Chambers

Stan, Los Angeles news icon, LA Times bestselling author, and perennial nice guy had a wonderful interview in the BBC. They wanted to get his insights on the Chilean miners rescue coverage and how he started it all back in 1949 with the Kathy Fiscus coverage, where he stayed on the air for 27 hours.

If you want to know how news coverage began and hear some amazing stories that Stan personally covered – some that rocked the world – then you need go no further than News At 10.

One Response to Shout out for Stan Chambers

  1. pierre l says:

    Hello Lynn. Thank you for posting that link. Having read the book (even though I have never been to Los Angeles for more than a few days at a time or seen KTLA), I did really enjoy and “couldn’t put it down” except to eat and sleep. I am very pleased that the BBC produced this item and deemed it important enough to keep (normally the entire Today programme is available for seven days, and no running order is given).
    Sorry I haven’t written that Amazon review yet.

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