Beagle Halloween conundrum

So the beagle thought she had her outfit all picked out but decided there some others that looked appealing as well.

Reflects my sentiments after she ate two pairs of my socks

She looks stupid. I like the idea.

Exemplifies her true personality – ergo eating my socks

Sponge bob beagle pants

Sir Beagle Lot

Not a chance. Looks too cute. Cute = too much candy

What her German Shepherd friends are recommending

Where she really belongs…

So there it is. While I’m giving a seminar in Palm Springs, the beagle will be trying on lots of costumes. Personally, I think she should stay home and pass out candy.

8 Responses to Beagle Halloween conundrum

  1. LOL! I vote for Sir Beagle Lot, but Jail Beagle works, too.

  2. sueroeb says:

    No! Green beagle’s the best. I love that little dog – now your life’s going to be hell, Lynne.

  3. PJ Colando says:

    Incredibly clever and entertaining at all levels – and what a tolerant dog!
    My husband, Larry and I, met you at the Irvine Library talk you gave – informative and entertaining then, too.
    We vote for the dog ‘up to his ass in alligator’ costume>

  4. Miriam says:

    Hi Lynn, Really enjoyed your talk in Rancho Mirage. Hope you made lots of margaritas with the limes from Dale’s Garden. Happy Halloween

  5. Miram, I’m still laughing at my bag of limes. The beagle was thrilled right down to her white-tipped tail. Bless ye for the giftie!

    PJ: in the interest of full disclosure, the pics aren’t of MY beagle. She’d rip my fingers off if I tried to dress her in these and never make me another margarita.

    You can always recognize the Behler Beagle because she has no white stripe going up her nose. Knowing her, she probably scared it off her face.

  6. I thought you might get a kick out of the Demotivators, especially the middle one:

  7. Dodie Cross says:

    I almost peed my pants on the outfit the German Shepherd suggested. You are having WAY too much fun with the hound dog. P.S. just read your “Full disclosure” and now I’ll go change my panties.

  8. Bark Of Love says:

    Defintely no effort required to read the beagle’s thought bubble on each of those pictures. Though she looked like she was throwing a bit of attitude borne of street cred with the last one.

    Maybe La Beagle could look over Julie’s costume commentary at Bark Of Love and share some barking bon mots.

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