I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

Behler authors ROCK.

So, I’m here at the Florida Writer’s Conference, which is wonderful. On top of all their wonderfulness, they have a lovely thing called the Royal Palms Literary Awards. Two of our authors were finalists. Yay!

While they sat and grit their teeth in typical “I’m so freaking nervous, I could eat rusty nails” fashion, I knew they were going to win.


Donna Ballman won in her category for The Writer’s Guide to the Courtroom: Let’s Quill All the Lawyers, and Kim Petersen won Honorable Mention for Charting the Unknown in the Memoir category.

Of course, all this set off a flurry of buying the remaining copies of their books in the bookstore. Ah, the stuff that brings a tear to me heartless soul.

And my book? Tackle Box? Yah. Um. I forgot to send them to the conference.

I don’t wanna talk about it.

Ladies, take a bow!

10 Responses to I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

  1. Congrats to Donna and Kim!

    And do have a talk with the beagle about packing EVERYthing you’ll need. 😉

  2. Sally Zigmond says:

    Congratulations to Behler pubs and its wonderful authors!

  3. Webb says:

    Lynn, you forgot? That has to be on the top three of the All Time Lame Excuses List. Almost as bad as blaming a dog for drinking all the Tequila while you were gone. Did he?

  4. Bill, first off, the beagle is a dues paying member of the estrogen society. As for lame excuses, you singin’ to the choir, bruthuh. I did two seminars and had LOTS of people asking if Tackle Box was in the conference store. I felt like a layer of my skin was being removed. Meanwhile, Donna gave one very powerful seminar and had to replenish the store stock.

    Shoot me now.

    And thanks everyone for the kind words. Our books rule and everyone else drools. Ok, not really, but I’m incredibly proud of our authors and their books.

  5. Lauren says:

    YOU FORGOT TACKLE BOX???! Damnit, Lynn, am I gonna have to tie a ribbon around your finger or what?

    Anyway, please add my sincere CONGRATULATIONS too to Donna and Kim!

  6. More like a ribbon around my scrawny neck. I’m a putz. I know this.

  7. GutsyWriter says:

    Congratulations to all three of you. I met Kim when she was out in California at Borders Books and she is such a wonderful person. We chatted for hours.

  8. Webb says:

    My apologies to the beagle for the gender confusion, but your description of her made me think she acts like a typical male, and a man woould have drank all the tequila.

    Congrats on a good conference.

  9. Thanks Lynn! Couldn’t have done it without a fabulous editor (and the beagle). Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes.

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