#gratefulfriday – My distributors

It’s been a few weeks since I did a Grateful Friday post. Today is dedicated to my distributor. In a word – I love them. A lot. To put in terms that anyone can understand – being with my distributor is like driving a Maserati instead of a Yugo.

I think the reason I love them so much is because we’ve driven a Yugo with our prior distributor. We spent a year in Purgatory with those yahoos, and I can honestly say that NO distribution would have been better. After being away from them for nine months, we are still haggling with them. They’re like the proverbial wet booger than just sticks on your finger and won’t flop off.

Our current distributor, OTOH, is brilliant, connected, and savvy. Because of them, our footprint has grown – and it’s taught us that the old axiom of “people judge you by those you hang with” is true. All of a sudden we have much bigger street cred. And I feel the quality of our books bears that out.

Because of these darlings, I’ve had radio stations calling from all over the country wanting to interview the author of our #1 title for the Fall/Winter season. I’ve received requests for book reviews on backlist titles because they are constantly out there pushing all titles, not just the frontlist.

We have joined in with co-op advertising and taken advantage of having our books showcased at bookfairs that are geared especially toward our specific market. I’ve had publicity folks give advice and help to some of our authors – the cool stuff never stops with them.

I can email them at any time about cover art advice, and I’ll always get tons of feedback. If someone reads an article that’s germane to one of our books, they send us the link. We have sales meetings every season with no less than fifteen people – all picking and poking in order for us to put out the strongest books possible. They are our eyes and ears, and they’re always hooked in and primed for action.

And this is why I will always defend mainstream publishing over those who go it alone. It’s a numbers game, and those pondering going it alone needs to consider whether they’d rather have a team of fifty who are all experts in their field backing them up, or a team of one, which consists of just the author?

I adore this business, I adore my writers, and I adore the guys who make it easier to get our books out to the marketplace. Consortium, you rock it.

How ’bout you? Are you grateful to a team of somethings who made your life worth living, or simply just made you smile?

6 Responses to #gratefulfriday – My distributors

  1. Lauren says:

    Are you grateful to a team of somethings who made your life worth living, or simply just made you smile?

    I have been feeling down for a few days so this is a timely post. Yes, I do have a team. The team of BiblioBuffet. First and foremost, Nicki Leone, is certainly the most brilliant and insightful content editor I have ever known. The writers adore her (as do I) with good reason.

    The writers are no less brilliant. It still amazes me how people like Carl Rollyson, Lev Raphael, Pete Croatto, Gillian Polack, Laine Farley, and a new writer we have joining us in September, Katherine Hauswirth, have chosen to become one of the team. Their writing is so good. And their passion for BiblioBuffet (something I created!) thrills and, yes, amazes me.

    Off-shoots of the main team such as yourself and Janet Reid and others who have been most supportive are also instrumental to us. So this is a good day for all-around team gratitude. Thank you, one and all.

  2. What a lift to read this. Working with a dedicated team who are united in excellence is the best!

  3. tbrosz says:

    Ah, the dreaded “wet booger” review.

    As far as the good distributor goes, the level of service you’re getting is astonishing considering their list of publishers is almost three pages long. That’s impressive.

  4. Lev Raphael says:

    You’re right in terms of the team, but doesn’t Consortium charge a restocking fee for returns?

  5. Kim Kircher says:

    Gratitude is a wonderful thing. The more we pay attention to it, the more it grows. Bravo.

  6. It’s extremely minimal, Lev, far smaller than the other blue chips. And for what they do, we actually experience far fewer returns than we ever have before.

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