Something to tuck under your hat…remind me who you are!

If you talked to an agent or editor at a writer’s conference and they invite you to send pages, it is so helpful when you jog our memories about the conversation. All too often, I get emails from Jane or Joe Author, telling me that they met me at ABC Conference and how I invited them to send me pages, only they don’t include the context of our conversation. We talk to so many people at conferences, and it’s hard to remember every single one. A good plan of attack would be something like this:

Dear Amazing Editor,

It was great meeting you at the Oh-So-Cool Writer’s Conference. We sat in the bar and shared some laughs, a couple of pouty white wines, and a plate of chicken satay. After talking about my book, you invited me to send you the first three chapters of my book, The Great American Novel, a story about Doris Dumphey’s journey of traveling the Continental Divide with her dog, Barfy, a runaway nun, and a hippie cover designer. I’ve attached my proposal and first three chapters to this email.

Regards, Brilliant Author

What this does is tell me how I met you, where I met you, what we talked about, and the quickie rundown of your story. I’m not completely brain-addled (or so I hear), and this bit of detail will jog my hard drive.

This is far better than the “gosh, I’m so sorry we weren’t able to connect at the conference, but you did mention that you wanted to discuss my book – so here ya go!”

Yikes! I invite a LOT of people to discuss their books, and I have no idea which one you are. I wish I did, and I feel like a lummox for not remembering you, but writer’s conferences are like speed dating, and one is lucky to remember their own name come Sunday. So, like, help a gal out, ‘kay?

3 Responses to Something to tuck under your hat…remind me who you are!

  1. Hilarious and helpful, as always!

  2. awparker says:

    Hi Lynn, we met a t a sleazy motel in Frederick and had a wonderful meal at another sleazy motel. That was my first scavenger hunt dinner. Did it leave you with an empty feeling as well? Anyway, I was the one that told you about my book, the one with the three guys that get superpowers after falling in an ink spill, made of writers dreams and hopes, while working for the evil publisher, Asshat Publishing. You wanted pages, so here they are, after all these years. Does spelling count?

  3. Good times, Allen, good times.

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