Does your book need a “Push to Add Drama” Button?

I like a “quiet” book as a switch up from my normal fare. However, there are times when books are too “quiet,” and I become impatient for something to happen. Anything. The worst offenders are dull beginnings. There has to be a reason for a reader to continue turning the pages, and if you choke your first three chapters with set-up and backstory, readers will fling your book across the room. Or worse, they won’t buy it.

I think I mentioned reading a book called Panama, where the author blabbered on for three pages about the moon rising. The. Moon. Rising. I looked at Sweetcheeks, who had recommended the book and asked him what he was mainlining, and would he please share. Honestly, that man has more patience (which he would need in order to put up with me), but this made me want to wash my eyes with bleach.

I’m not a fan of gratuitous action/drama because everything should have a reason to be where it is. But if someone comes along and says, “Keep walking, nothing happening here,” you may need a sign that says, “Push to Add Drama,” sorta like this video.

Tell me what you really think

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