The Art of Patience

Publishing demands the same kind patience as these border collies. There’s a whole lot of hurry-up-and-wait. At one point you’ll be running around with your hair on fire, and the next you’re shooting rubber bands at the wall. If your editor says she needs something “Right f*&*ing now,” she’s not kidding.

It may look like your editor is about as disorganized as the beagle’s liquor cabinet, but it’s helpful to remember that there are a lot of moving parts in this business. She may get a call from the publicity dept who is hot on the trail of a big reviewer, and they want the book NOW. You may have been given a set time to turn in those edits, but when things break, they break quickly, so it’s helpful to always be on your toes.

Conversely, if things appear to be slow in your world, it doesn’t mean it’s slow at your editor’s office. My suggestion is to channel the border collie. Walk softly and silently, never let anyone get the drop on you, and be prepared to chase around. And may your experience be as much fun as a border collie.


One Response to The Art of Patience

  1. stephanieberget says:

    Thank you for an informative blog and an amazing video. As an owner of a border collie, they never cease to amaze me with their intelligence and desire to please.

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