Why English is so Hard to Learn

And sadly, it’s not just ESL. I overheard a woman telling her daughter she was looking for “a pair of shoeses.” Ouch. Every time a native English speaker misuses the language, a kitteh pees in someone’s shoes.

4 Responses to Why English is so Hard to Learn

  1. John Allan says:

    You don’t mention the approximate age of the daughter, but if she was fairly young, ‘shoeses’ might have been mother-daughter language.

    As for the difficulty with learning English, Thais have considerable problems with learning the language; but the Thai language presents its own complexities, particularly as, like English, one word can have several meanings, but identifiable only by tone.

  2. The daughter looked to be in her late twenties. And true, it could have been some insider lingo – for instance, I always say I’m getting my hairs done. But the fact that she finished the sentence with “…and I ain’t gonna wear those Come F*ck Me Shoes no more” sorta tipped me off.

  3. Val says:

    lol, I love the punishment for butchering the English language. Here, kitty, kitty. . .

  4. As a EFL teacher, I heartily agree. I either have to tell them to just memorize it or explain the languages the words came from and why they’re like that (like why “cafe” doesn’t rhyme with “safe”) 🙂

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