Shiny New Book Day – VOICE: A Stutterer’s Odyssey


Oh, how I adore New Book Day…when the mailman delivers a box of shiny new books from the printer. I live with a new title for so long, so when I finally see it in its final form, I get all gooey inside. So today, I’m all gooey over this lovely box of VOICE: A Stutterer’s Odyssey.

I still remember back to February, 2012, when Scott’s wonderful agent, Claire Gerus, sent me the book proposal. I was instantly gripped because I’ve known a few stutterers, and my heart ached watching them try to get the words out. There are a few stuttering books on the marketplace, but most are academic, and none of them delve into a stutterer’s soul to expose their feelings, their thoughts, their dreams…and their successes.

Until VOICE.

Scott had/has (he tells me that you never “get rid” of stuttering, like a cold) a severe form of stuttering that affected his entire life. They didn’t have the big push to get rid of bullying in school back then, so Scott was fair game for any asshole who thought it great sport to beat up on a kid.

But Scott had the last laugh. He grew up to be a fabulous man with an amazing spirit, and a passion for the stage. I always feel better being around him because he has such a lovely perspective on life. It should be no wonder that he received the “Converting Awareness into Action” Award from the Stuttering Foundation of America.

He went from the inability to spit out a single word, to being an actor and playwright. Making his living with his voice…go figure. I’m so proud to be a part of this important book because I believe sufferers, family members, and professionals will consider VOICE as the go-to book for peering into the soul of a stutterer, and how they can overcome and succeed.

Huzzah, Scott! The stage is your oyster.

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