We Come Bearing Loverly Gifties

December 10, 2013

Seems as though Amazon and Apple iBooks have a love-fest with Behler books. We have a number of titles that are on special sale for Christmas, so if you’re wondering what to give that special someone in your life – consider one of our wonderful, inspirational, kick-booty-take-no-prisoners-wow-I-feel-fabulous books. I give you the following:

These two Amazon specials will be on sale from 12/8 to 12/22 for $1.99
Amazon has this little lovely by Melissa Haynes (yes, I still screech with laughter and grab my Kleenex box every time I read it) for the special holiday price of $1.99. That’s a savings of $13.96, kiddies!

Melissa’s fabo book kicked Jimmy Fallon on his kiester, so who can resist that?

If you want to read the #1 title in Volunteer Work, and #2 in Africa/South Africa, then get thee to Amazon. You won’t regret it. Melissa volunteers at a game preserve in South Africa, believing she’s there to help save the animals. What she didn’t realize is how they live, love, and die saved her.

HEART WARRIORS by Amanda Adams – $1.99
Sigh. Such an amazing book. HEART WARRIORS is becoming the go-to book for anyone who has a child with Congenital Heart Disease, or knows someone suffering with this. Amanda’s story is an unflinching look at how she and her husband fight to keep her beautiful boy, Liam, alive – against all odds. She talks about crap doctors, unfeeling medical professionals, and doctors who should be sainted.

She talks about how this affects the entire family, and her gratitude to the wonderful people at Ronald McDonald House. She talks about caring strangers, and achingly stupid people who are in dire need of a brain. In a word, she goes where no other Heart Book does. Amanda is a Heart Warrior, and her Field Guide at the back of the book covers questions about what supplies to take to the hospital, to an expansive glossary of terms, to raising a Heart Warrior.

Pick up your copy of the leading seller of medical memoirs today!

Apple iBooks came to us looking for excellent inspirational reads. And here they are! They’ll be on sale from 12/10 – 12/31 – for $3.99
VOICE: A STUTTERER’S ODYSSEY by Scott Damian – $3.99
Scott’s future looked pretty bleak. His severe stutter left him struggling to say the simplest words, yet they stuck in his throat. Kids picked on him at school, he got into a few fights defending himself. And despite the odds, his indomitable spirit drew him to the stage, where, thirty-six years later, Scott is a successful actor and playwright in Los Angeles.

We all have issues that hold us back because they’re “stuck in our own throats,” and Scott’s story is a great reminder that we are in control of our fabulosity.

FANCY FEET by Heidi Cave – $3.99

Heidi’s story about her horrific car crash at the hands of an unapologetic drag racer is is filled with amazing guts, sadness, loss, anger, love, humor, and forgiveness. Yep, this story includes all the food groups – and it’s why we can’t keep her book in stock.

It’s often said that the Great Cosmic Muffin never gives us more than we can handle, and I would think losing your legs, being burned over 51% of your body, and losing your best friend would qualify for a mulligan. But Heidi’s heart is made of stronger stuff, and she is a terrific lesson in grace under fire and refreshing humility. A perfect Christmas read.


Father Joe embodies the reality that our lives aren’t written in granite. We can screw up, make huge…HUGE…mistakes, and still find grace and peace. As Joe says, “By all rights, insight, knowledge, and plain old common sense I should be dead. If past usage of beer, marijuana, and cocaine didn’t do the trick, then certainly dilated cardiomyopathy should have.”

But Father Joe got help, love, and support from of a lot of good people, and rewrote the path of his life to embrace the joy and grace life and God. Needless to say, Joe isn’t your “typical” priest…and maybe that’s a really good thing.

Seems Apple iBooks loves this book as much as Amazon.
Melissa’s fabo book kicked Jimmy Fallon on his kiester, so who can resist that?

If you want to read the #1 title in Volunteer Work, and #2 in Africa/South Africa, then get thee to Amazon. You won’t regret it.

Melissa volunteers at a game preserve in South Africa, believing she’s there to help save the animals. What she didn’t realize is how they live, love, and die saved her.

Behler Authors – My Heroes

October 24, 2013

It’s been a busy time. We have some wonderful books that have come out/are scheduled to come out, so there’s a lot going on in the background. Sometimes it gets so busy that I forget to take time out to think about the fabulosity of our authors, and the life-altering events that have dropped into their laps and shaped who they are today.

Here are three of our new books that take my breath away.

KeepingYourHeadloresI’ve watched loved ones go through the pain of unemployment. It’s a soul-sucking experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. And that’s why I am so grateful for this wonderful book, KEEPING YOUR HEAD AFTER LOSING YOUR JOB by renowned psychologist Robert L. Leahy, PhD. This isn’t a “How to fill out a winning resume,” but a bible for maintaining your feelings of self worth and building your confidence, which is vital to getting that next job. This book also discusses ways of living your life effectively during your time of unemployment.

A must read.

Voice front cover-hiresI had a neighbor whose little boy had a pronounced stutter, and my heart used to just break as he struggled to get words out. I always wondered if his parents got him help. I never really stopped to think about how his stutter affected him…until I read VOICE: A STUTTERER’S ODYSSEY by actor, playwright, Scott Damian. We’ve all heard stories about famous actors who stuttered, but no one ever did it with such humanity and tenderness until Scott wrote his wonderful book.

But more so, Scott’s book gives me courage to never let anyone tell me “Oh, you can’t do that.” Not only is Scott’s story fascinating, funny, heartfelt, but his book reminds me to never stop taking chances. Isn’t that a marvelous message for all of us? I cry every time I read the end. One of the truly nicest, kindest people I know.

REDEMPTION - HIGH RES - final frontHoly crap. Detective Chris Baughman is one of the most amazing, selfless people around. He puts a face on human trafficking, which is far more rampant than anyone would ever believe. It’s easy to sit back and say that would never happen to you, but Chris has stories of well-educated women getting sucked into this world. And once they’re in, oftentimes, the only way out is death, but not before suffering major beatings. Or Chris is on the case.

OFF THE STREET: REDEMPTION is Book 2 in his OFF THE STREET series, and is more gripping than ever because Chris is after someone from his past. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to see someone I admired and was compared to as a kid grow up become an animal, and it was my job to hunt them down and get him off the street. I can’t imagine saving the women who suffered horribly at this man’s hands, and helping get them off the street.

Chris remains one of my real-life heroes because he has the disposition and brilliance to out-think these animals and take them down. But one has to ask, at what cost does Chris do these hard, soul-killing things? That’s the heart and soul of REDEMPTION. And hey, Chris is the cohost of the upcoming MSNBC show, SLAVE HUNTER, airing December 1.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. My authors are all heroes – it’s why we publish the books we do. Their stories make the world a better place, and make me a better, more thoughtful person. Well, if I had a heart or soul, that is…

Shiny New Book Day – VOICE: A Stutterer’s Odyssey

October 8, 2013


Oh, how I adore New Book Day…when the mailman delivers a box of shiny new books from the printer. I live with a new title for so long, so when I finally see it in its final form, I get all gooey inside. So today, I’m all gooey over this lovely box of VOICE: A Stutterer’s Odyssey.

I still remember back to February, 2012, when Scott’s wonderful agent, Claire Gerus, sent me the book proposal. I was instantly gripped because I’ve known a few stutterers, and my heart ached watching them try to get the words out. There are a few stuttering books on the marketplace, but most are academic, and none of them delve into a stutterer’s soul to expose their feelings, their thoughts, their dreams…and their successes.

Until VOICE.

Scott had/has (he tells me that you never “get rid” of stuttering, like a cold) a severe form of stuttering that affected his entire life. They didn’t have the big push to get rid of bullying in school back then, so Scott was fair game for any asshole who thought it great sport to beat up on a kid.

But Scott had the last laugh. He grew up to be a fabulous man with an amazing spirit, and a passion for the stage. I always feel better being around him because he has such a lovely perspective on life. It should be no wonder that he received the “Converting Awareness into Action” Award from the Stuttering Foundation of America.

He went from the inability to spit out a single word, to being an actor and playwright. Making his living with his voice…go figure. I’m so proud to be a part of this important book because I believe sufferers, family members, and professionals will consider VOICE as the go-to book for peering into the soul of a stutterer, and how they can overcome and succeed.

Huzzah, Scott! The stage is your oyster.

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