What do Jimmy Kimmel and Amanda Adams Have in Common?

May 2, 2017
Last night, Jimmy Kimmel got serious for a change, and discussed his son’s heart disease and emergency surgery. Jimmy has put a face on the reality that faces many parents – unsung heroes – who have battled their children’s heart disease for many years. Our author, Amanda Rose Adams is one such hero…heart warrior. Her gritty, honest story grabs at the throat and doesn’t let loose – so real is this problem.

Amanda Rose Adams knows first hand what brought America’s funny man Jimmy Kimmel to tears on Monday night. She also has a son named William who had his first open heart surgery as an infant performed by Dr. Vaughn Starnes at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Her book, HEART WARRIORS: A Family Faces Congenital Heart Disease (Behler Publications, 2012) reveals what it is like for families as they wait for their newborn child to survive open heart surgery and then face future surgeries. The Adams family knows what the Kimmel family is facing with Congenital Heart Disease, and they send their love and support. Read HEART WARRIORS to understand the rough road of CHD and the bright hope that leads the way for families of Heart Warriors.

And the rub? The American Heart Association rarely allots funds to pediatric heart disease.
Amanda’s OB/GYN was blunt and suggested an abortion when they discovered Liam had only half a heart. She refused, and Liam has become a bright light in a very long, tough tunnel. Heart disease strikes millions, and many don’t know where to turn…which is why I fell in love with this book. Amanda has written a bible for what every parent, relative, and friend of someone struggling with pediatric heart disease. If you want answers, blunt conversation, and a sense of community, then HEART WARRIORS really needs to be next to your table.



Books That Blow My “Mother” Doors Off

May 19, 2015

Even though Mother’s Day has recently come and gone, I spent some time looking at our wonderful list of books that made me think of how amazing mothers are, and three instantly came to mind.

heart-warriors-smHEART WARRIORS by Amanda Adams blew my “mother” doors off the first time I read it because of the dedication and sacrifice Amanda made for her son, Liam. Let’s face it, moms are the heart and soul of most families. When we fumble and flail, so does the family. We have to be stronger than the sum of our parts, and Amanda’s brave and terrifying story highlights the guts and love it takes to be a mom by standing up to doctors, asshat observers, and anyone who failed to help Liam get better. Brava, Amanda, you’re one helluva Momma Bear.


Amy-TimesUnionFSO - lo RESFIGURING SH!T OUT by Amy Biancolli made me sit back and take stock of what it’s like to deliver tough news, be strong, and have all the answers. My life has been pretty gilded, but one flaw (of the many) is that I always felt I had to have all the answers for my kids when they were younger. And sometimes there aren’t any answers, and the only thing you can do is hug them and admit that you’re floundering just like they are.

We would do anything for our kids not to hurt, and a piece of us dies when we see them suffering. One poignant scene in Amy’s raucous, tender, brilliantly written book is when one of Amy’s daughters is so bereft over losing her father that her own thoughts turn fairly dark. Amy fervently prays for her husband to visit her daughter. Next morning, the daughter awakens with a whole new perspective, saying her father came to her in a dream and told her he was happy and that he loved her. Niagra Falls…went through a box of Kleenex. But what Amy’s book also did for me is show the power of not being afraid to redefine oneself through losing a cherished love. It made her a better person and mom. That has my mom-o-meter quivering over Achingly Stunning.


Cockpit-smA CHICK IN THE COCKPIT by Erika Armstrong is an upcoming release (Nov. 2015). Erika’s book, in a nutshell is “A brilliant career in the sky brings aching despair on the ground.” What mother doesn’t become a Bitch-Bear-From-Hell when her kids are at risk? Erika’s skyrocketing career as an airline captain is seriously damaged when her abusive husband threatens her life and the welfare of her two daughters. The lengths of what she endures is stuff you just can’t make up, and I cheer and screech every time I think of her journey to protect her life and her kids. The angst and fabulously amusing humor popped my #1 Mom of the Century cork. And who doesn’t love a plucky book club who comes to Erika’s rescue at a hugely critical time? I salute them and bow before Erika’s incredible fortitude, MamaBear-itude, and brilliance.

Definitely put this on your To Be Read list. In fact, go buy all three. They’re feel-good-in-the-face-of-shit-odds stories that make all the cells in me vibrate at a different frequency. And that’s a good thing!

June is Hot Month for Behler E-Book Deals!

June 11, 2014

Amazon has chosen four of our titles for June Deals. WoOt. We all love a good deal on books, right? These are for e-book versions only

June 13- 28, pick up these two e-books for $3.99:

TesticlesA wonderful travelogue about the wonderful animals of South Africa…and one two-legged creature who makes life interesting for author, Melissa Haynes. Click here for Amazon link.





pulse-smA beautiful love story by husband and wife team, Brian and Patty O’Mara-Croft. Life goes to hell when Patty suffers a “widowmaker” heart attack, but Brian’s love and devotion keeps them laughing and sharing uncommon honesty – while bringing two blended families together. Click here for Amazon link.




June 18 ONLY…Amazon price of $1.99

heart-warriors-smAmanda Adams’ book is the bible for anyone who needs to know about Congenital Heart Disease. Her son, Liam, had his first of countless surgeries as a newborn. Now, at the age of 12, his chest is lined with scars, and Amanda has been at the forefront of CHD legislation, fundraisers, and counseling in order to educate friends and family. Beautifully and honest; includes a fabulous Field Guide on all things CHD. A must-read.

Click here for Amazon link.


June 25 ONLY…Amazon price of $1.99

Charting front coverOh, how I adore this wonderful story by Kim Petersen. She and her family did what I’ve threatened to do any number of times – only I’m a big chicken…she chucked it all, sold the house, built a boat, and sailed the world. With. Her. Kids. Now, that, alone, would stop me in my tracks. Teenagers? Nuh uh. No. Way.

But Kim gets the education of a lifetime out on the water, depending on her family, and learns a whole lot about herself along the way. Fabulous travelogue, summer read, good time.

Click here for Amazon link.


So mark your calendars, and pick up any of these four books…or all of them! Happy summer reading!

We Come Bearing Loverly Gifties

December 10, 2013

Seems as though Amazon and Apple iBooks have a love-fest with Behler books. We have a number of titles that are on special sale for Christmas, so if you’re wondering what to give that special someone in your life – consider one of our wonderful, inspirational, kick-booty-take-no-prisoners-wow-I-feel-fabulous books. I give you the following:

These two Amazon specials will be on sale from 12/8 to 12/22 for $1.99
Amazon has this little lovely by Melissa Haynes (yes, I still screech with laughter and grab my Kleenex box every time I read it) for the special holiday price of $1.99. That’s a savings of $13.96, kiddies!

Melissa’s fabo book kicked Jimmy Fallon on his kiester, so who can resist that?

If you want to read the #1 title in Volunteer Work, and #2 in Africa/South Africa, then get thee to Amazon. You won’t regret it. Melissa volunteers at a game preserve in South Africa, believing she’s there to help save the animals. What she didn’t realize is how they live, love, and die saved her.

HEART WARRIORS by Amanda Adams – $1.99
Sigh. Such an amazing book. HEART WARRIORS is becoming the go-to book for anyone who has a child with Congenital Heart Disease, or knows someone suffering with this. Amanda’s story is an unflinching look at how she and her husband fight to keep her beautiful boy, Liam, alive – against all odds. She talks about crap doctors, unfeeling medical professionals, and doctors who should be sainted.

She talks about how this affects the entire family, and her gratitude to the wonderful people at Ronald McDonald House. She talks about caring strangers, and achingly stupid people who are in dire need of a brain. In a word, she goes where no other Heart Book does. Amanda is a Heart Warrior, and her Field Guide at the back of the book covers questions about what supplies to take to the hospital, to an expansive glossary of terms, to raising a Heart Warrior.

Pick up your copy of the leading seller of medical memoirs today!

Apple iBooks came to us looking for excellent inspirational reads. And here they are! They’ll be on sale from 12/10 – 12/31 – for $3.99
VOICE: A STUTTERER’S ODYSSEY by Scott Damian – $3.99
Scott’s future looked pretty bleak. His severe stutter left him struggling to say the simplest words, yet they stuck in his throat. Kids picked on him at school, he got into a few fights defending himself. And despite the odds, his indomitable spirit drew him to the stage, where, thirty-six years later, Scott is a successful actor and playwright in Los Angeles.

We all have issues that hold us back because they’re “stuck in our own throats,” and Scott’s story is a great reminder that we are in control of our fabulosity.

FANCY FEET by Heidi Cave – $3.99

Heidi’s story about her horrific car crash at the hands of an unapologetic drag racer is is filled with amazing guts, sadness, loss, anger, love, humor, and forgiveness. Yep, this story includes all the food groups – and it’s why we can’t keep her book in stock.

It’s often said that the Great Cosmic Muffin never gives us more than we can handle, and I would think losing your legs, being burned over 51% of your body, and losing your best friend would qualify for a mulligan. But Heidi’s heart is made of stronger stuff, and she is a terrific lesson in grace under fire and refreshing humility. A perfect Christmas read.


Father Joe embodies the reality that our lives aren’t written in granite. We can screw up, make huge…HUGE…mistakes, and still find grace and peace. As Joe says, “By all rights, insight, knowledge, and plain old common sense I should be dead. If past usage of beer, marijuana, and cocaine didn’t do the trick, then certainly dilated cardiomyopathy should have.”

But Father Joe got help, love, and support from of a lot of good people, and rewrote the path of his life to embrace the joy and grace life and God. Needless to say, Joe isn’t your “typical” priest…and maybe that’s a really good thing.

Seems Apple iBooks loves this book as much as Amazon.
Melissa’s fabo book kicked Jimmy Fallon on his kiester, so who can resist that?

If you want to read the #1 title in Volunteer Work, and #2 in Africa/South Africa, then get thee to Amazon. You won’t regret it.

Melissa volunteers at a game preserve in South Africa, believing she’s there to help save the animals. What she didn’t realize is how they live, love, and die saved her.

Amanda Adams’ HEART WARRIORS Rocks!

September 28, 2013

Heart Warriors High ResHuge congrats are in order for Amanda Adams and her win of a Cammy Maximus Award from Colorado State University for her amazing book HEART WARRIORS. They hand out a number of awards, but the Cammy Maximus is the granddaddy, and is described thusly:

Evidence of long-term, distinguished series or over-the-top single entry quality.  Demonstrates outstanding technical quality, depth of effort and recognition on a regional or national scale, with superb storytelling quality.

This is HEART WARRIORS to a tee. Amanda is a tireless advocate for childhood congenital heart disease, and puts a face on how this affects not only the child, but the entire family. HEART WARRIORS is a no-holds-barred emotional ride of a young mother faced with suggestions from her doctors that she abort her baby because chances were that the baby would die immediately after birth.

Well, Amanda told ’em all to go to hell, and Liam is the beautiful, vibrant little bug who has braved countless surgeries with a brave smile and irrepressible spirit. But it hasn’t been all butterflies and rainbows, and Amanda’s book is the first book to give permission for family members not to shy away from their emotions – which vary as much as the wind.

The resource guide at the back of the book is jam-packed with “gotta have” tomes of wisdom that vary from “Supplies for the Battlefield,” to “Tactical Guide for Civilians on the Home Front,” to “The Final Word About Raising a Heart Warrior.” Oh…and Chapter 41? Ooh my, it’s a MUST READ.

In a word, HEART WARRIORS is the go to book for families, relatives, and friends of families who find themselves touched by CHD, and I’m thrilled to pieces that Colorado State University feels the same way by bestowing their Cammy Maximus Award to Amanda.

Amanda, you rock.


April 24, 2013


I met Amanda Adams under the craziest of circumstances, but the end result is that I loved her book, HEART WARRIORS, and couldn’t wait to sign her. Amanda is a bright and articulate author who truly is a warrior for congenital heart disease. She had no choice, since her adorable son, Liam, was born with it. She has spent every day of his young life fighting, and Liam couldn’t have a better mom.

But HEART WARRIORS isn’t just another disease of the week – it’s a bible/survival guide for anyone who has a loved one suffering from CHD. In fact, her Survival Guide at the back of the book is a fabulous reference for all things congenital heart disease.

Amanda artfully writes about the battles, the pain, the immense joy, and everything in between. She gives permission to parents to have the thoughts and feelings they try so hard to sweep under the carpet…and that’s vital to mental health. CHD isn’t like a cold, so parents have to be physically, mentally, and financially prepared for the long haul.

I admire Amanda immensely, and I’d like for readers to see what an amazing woman she is, and how her book can help anyone touched by CHD. So for starting today – Wednesday – and ending Thursday at 3 p.m. EST, anyone may email me (lynn_at_behlerpublications.com) for their free e-book version of HEART WARRIORS. Please put HEART WARRIORS e-book in the Subject line.

Here is an article Amanda wrote for Scrubs magazine which I thought was fabulous; “What Nurses Taught This Mother.” Also, here’s a very cool review of HEART WARRIORS.

Amanda, you rock.



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