FANCY FEET – Motherhood and Disabilities, Saying Yes to Life

March 19, 2014

FancyFeet-smOnce again, our talented author, Heidi Cave, knocks it out of the park with a wonderful article in the Orange County Register about motherhood and disabilities.

Let’s face it, being a mom is hard work – the hardest job I know I’ll ever posses, because, for starters, it’s a job that never ends, and the pay sucks. You can’t wake up one morning and give notice. “Sorry, gang, I quit. Go ahead and eat Twinkies for breakfast.” Nope, it’s a lifer job. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But to perform this commanding job with a major disability? This is what puts Heidi at the top of my You Rock list.

Heidi’s life was forever changed when a brain-dead asswipe of a kid drag raced himself into Heidi’s car at high speed, careening her car clear across the street and down an embankment, where the car burst into flames and killed her best friend. Doctors worried Heidi wouldn’t make it, either, and were forced to put her into an induced coma.

Heidi spent over a year dealing with major skin grafts from burns suffered over 51% of her body, and the loss of both her legs. At 23. Can you imagine your entire life going hideously wrong at the tender age of 23? That’s the heart and soul of FANCY FEET.

Now, compound the demands of motherhood. I remember countless nights of walking the floor with a colicky baby, chasing after tiny feet in order to tape up the other side of a diaper, swinging happy-squealing little bodies at the park, baby wrangling at Costco…all these things I took for granted because my life was hideously uncomplicated.

Heidi is my reminder that life can go to shit in the blink of an eye, and it’s our resilience, our conscious decisions that determine whether we’re going to deflate like my attempts at baking, or facing the onslaught with a raised fist that says, “Screw you, shitstorm, I’m made of better stuff than that.”

Click on the link and read Heidi’s article because it’s representative of a lot more than mothering while disabled. Face it, we’re all disabled to some degree – whether it’s a physical injury, or the injuries that tattoo themselves on our hearts. Heidi said “hell yes!” to life, and reading her article put the jam in my jelly doughnut.

Go Heidi! Your babies are achingly adorable, and I know you approach motherhood the same way you do your writing – with intent and passion.

We Come Bearing Loverly Gifties

December 10, 2013

Seems as though Amazon and Apple iBooks have a love-fest with Behler books. We have a number of titles that are on special sale for Christmas, so if you’re wondering what to give that special someone in your life – consider one of our wonderful, inspirational, kick-booty-take-no-prisoners-wow-I-feel-fabulous books. I give you the following:

These two Amazon specials will be on sale from 12/8 to 12/22 for $1.99
Amazon has this little lovely by Melissa Haynes (yes, I still screech with laughter and grab my Kleenex box every time I read it) for the special holiday price of $1.99. That’s a savings of $13.96, kiddies!

Melissa’s fabo book kicked Jimmy Fallon on his kiester, so who can resist that?

If you want to read the #1 title in Volunteer Work, and #2 in Africa/South Africa, then get thee to Amazon. You won’t regret it. Melissa volunteers at a game preserve in South Africa, believing she’s there to help save the animals. What she didn’t realize is how they live, love, and die saved her.

HEART WARRIORS by Amanda Adams – $1.99
Sigh. Such an amazing book. HEART WARRIORS is becoming the go-to book for anyone who has a child with Congenital Heart Disease, or knows someone suffering with this. Amanda’s story is an unflinching look at how she and her husband fight to keep her beautiful boy, Liam, alive – against all odds. She talks about crap doctors, unfeeling medical professionals, and doctors who should be sainted.

She talks about how this affects the entire family, and her gratitude to the wonderful people at Ronald McDonald House. She talks about caring strangers, and achingly stupid people who are in dire need of a brain. In a word, she goes where no other Heart Book does. Amanda is a Heart Warrior, and her Field Guide at the back of the book covers questions about what supplies to take to the hospital, to an expansive glossary of terms, to raising a Heart Warrior.

Pick up your copy of the leading seller of medical memoirs today!

Apple iBooks came to us looking for excellent inspirational reads. And here they are! They’ll be on sale from 12/10 – 12/31 – for $3.99
VOICE: A STUTTERER’S ODYSSEY by Scott Damian – $3.99
Scott’s future looked pretty bleak. His severe stutter left him struggling to say the simplest words, yet they stuck in his throat. Kids picked on him at school, he got into a few fights defending himself. And despite the odds, his indomitable spirit drew him to the stage, where, thirty-six years later, Scott is a successful actor and playwright in Los Angeles.

We all have issues that hold us back because they’re “stuck in our own throats,” and Scott’s story is a great reminder that we are in control of our fabulosity.

FANCY FEET by Heidi Cave – $3.99

Heidi’s story about her horrific car crash at the hands of an unapologetic drag racer is is filled with amazing guts, sadness, loss, anger, love, humor, and forgiveness. Yep, this story includes all the food groups – and it’s why we can’t keep her book in stock.

It’s often said that the Great Cosmic Muffin never gives us more than we can handle, and I would think losing your legs, being burned over 51% of your body, and losing your best friend would qualify for a mulligan. But Heidi’s heart is made of stronger stuff, and she is a terrific lesson in grace under fire and refreshing humility. A perfect Christmas read.


Father Joe embodies the reality that our lives aren’t written in granite. We can screw up, make huge…HUGE…mistakes, and still find grace and peace. As Joe says, “By all rights, insight, knowledge, and plain old common sense I should be dead. If past usage of beer, marijuana, and cocaine didn’t do the trick, then certainly dilated cardiomyopathy should have.”

But Father Joe got help, love, and support from of a lot of good people, and rewrote the path of his life to embrace the joy and grace life and God. Needless to say, Joe isn’t your “typical” priest…and maybe that’s a really good thing.

Seems Apple iBooks loves this book as much as Amazon.
Melissa’s fabo book kicked Jimmy Fallon on his kiester, so who can resist that?

If you want to read the #1 title in Volunteer Work, and #2 in Africa/South Africa, then get thee to Amazon. You won’t regret it.

Melissa volunteers at a game preserve in South Africa, believing she’s there to help save the animals. What she didn’t realize is how they live, love, and die saved her.

Get Your Kindle Version of FANCY FEET

October 9, 2013

FancyFeet-smAmazon has selected FANCY FEET to be one of their “Kindle Big Deals” – one of only 1,000 titles to be picked.

The special goes from Friday, 10/11 to Sunday,10/27, you can get your Kindle version of FANCY FEET for only $1.99.


FANCY FEET Author, Heidi Cave – Global BC tv interview

August 4, 2013


Major huzzah to our beautiful author, Heidi Cave, with her TV interview on Global BC in Canada. She is the perfect example of why we don’t act like idiots behind the wheel. Slow down, relax, and enjoy the ride. Be a survivor, not a victim.

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