Kara Sundlun on Morning Joe

December 10, 2014


Tune in to Morning Joe today, Wednesday, December 10, at 8:45 and see our author, Kara Sundlun talk about her wonderful book, FINDING DAD with her pal, Mika Brzezinski, who also wrote the Foreword.

And if any of you missed it, like I did because I brilliantly forgot that I’m no longer on East Coast time zone, then you can watch it here.

Kara Sundlun Wows ‘Em on CBS THIS MORNING

October 29, 2014

Finding Dad- loresSundlun, Kara-77_high res(1)Fantastic interview with our author Kara Sundlun on CBS This Morning as she talks about her exciting new book FINDING DAD: FROM “LOVE CHILD” TO DAUGHTER. Forgiveness is the toughest decision of all. You can either spend time demanding an apology, or you can spend your time creating new, better memories.

Click here to watch, love, buy the book!

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