Who Needs Diamonds When You Have Books?

May 3, 2016

books vs diamonds

And speaking of books that are diamonds, get thee over to Amazon and pick up a hard copy of Kara Sundlun’s gritty, amazing story FINDING DAD. For $5.22!

Another great jewel is Amy Biancolli‘s FIGURING SH!T OUT…a story of great poignance and hilarity…the Kindle version is $1.99…A DOLLAR NINETY-NINE!! How can anyone resist?

Race your little fingers over to Amazon and pick up both books. This deal won’t last forever, and hey, how can you resist feeding your soul for such delicious prices?

Great Behler Gifties

December 14, 2014

Looking for great Christmas gifts? Our two new releases are an excellent choice.

imageFIGURING SH!T OUT: LOVE, LAUGHTER, SUICIDE, AND SURVIVAL…what an amazing book. Beautifully written, and a lovely gift to anyone who’s looking to, well, figure sh!t out.

Michelle said this in her Amazon review:

“Highly recommend this book to everyone. It is a powerful read from start to finish, a gift of the heart from the author to readers. This is the kind of book that permanently changes one and then leads to bulk purchases to give to friends. It is that special. It is also heart wrenching and hilarious, profound and delightfully profane, insightful and inspirational. Most of all it is gift of raw honesty, grief, courage, faith, grace and a life-saving sense of humor. While I do not know the author I knew her late husband Chris years ago and know that he was an extraordinarily gifted person in many ways. Chris was brilliant and generous with the heart of a saint. His passing makes no sense, and the author helps us understand that it never does and never will, `tis the nature of mental illness, which needs to be brought into the light for greater understanding. Chris’s gifts live on in Amy and through their three children (as well as in this and his own books of spiritual triumph). The author, whose brilliance and writing I have come to treasure, has generously opened her heart to share that love and discernment. Namaste.”


imageFINDING DAD: FROM “LOVE CHILD” TO DAUGHTER is about following your heart, even when it makes no sense, forgiveness, and fatherlessness.

A. Raymond said this in his Amazon review:

“I can’t recommend this book highly enough. I watch Kara Sundlun on TV and knew of her story. Having always loved tales of family reunions I ordered a copy as soon as I could. It’  s a great read! Kara showed amazing grit and determination, especially for a teen, in pursuing her father insisting that he acknowledge her but even more importantly that he be part of her life. Theirs is truly a love story for the ages. The fact that he was a wealthy Governor who lived in a world she probably had never even dreamed of made the story that much more fascinating. I was also more than impressed with her sensitivity to her mother who had raised her as a single parent yet was supportive of Kara’s need to connect with the father she had never known. If any aspect of this story interests you, read the book – you will not be disappointed.”

Click here to watch Kara’s powerful interview on HUFFPO LIVE.

Or take a gander at the rest of our books…including our timeless backlist.

Kara Sundlun on Morning Joe

December 10, 2014


Tune in to Morning Joe today, Wednesday, December 10, at 8:45 and see our author, Kara Sundlun talk about her wonderful book, FINDING DAD with her pal, Mika Brzezinski, who also wrote the Foreword.

And if any of you missed it, like I did because I brilliantly forgot that I’m no longer on East Coast time zone, then you can watch it here.

Great NPR Interview With Kara Sundlun – FINDING DAD

November 15, 2014

Finding Dad- lores

Terrific NPR interview with our author Kara Sundlun. Click here to listen to her fascinating story.

Kara Sundlun Wows ‘Em on CBS THIS MORNING

October 29, 2014

Finding Dad- loresSundlun, Kara-77_high res(1)Fantastic interview with our author Kara Sundlun on CBS This Morning as she talks about her exciting new book FINDING DAD: FROM “LOVE CHILD” TO DAUGHTER. Forgiveness is the toughest decision of all. You can either spend time demanding an apology, or you can spend your time creating new, better memories.

Click here to watch, love, buy the book!

Kara Sundlun – FINDING DAD – Kicks Patootie

October 21, 2014

Finding Dad- lores

There’s a terrific article in the Daily Mail showcasing our author, Kara Sundlun, and her new book FINDING DAD: From “Love Child” to Daughter. Kara’s story blew my doors off because she grew up never meeting her father until she was 17, when she sued him for paternity. Her main goal was to open up the door to create a relationship with him. He’d spent two years blowing off her letters, so she took the more drastic route.

The paternity test proved they were father and daughter, and the lawsuit was about owning up to his responsibilities to his daughter. Her father, Bruce Sundlun, then Governor of Rhode Island, could have done the bare minimum and paid for Kara’s college. But he did a shocking thing and invited her to move into his home so they could get to know each other.

Obviously, there was a lot of hurt and emotions were running high, but Kara (at 17) overlooked the hurt and feelings of abandonment, and the two of them went on to have an amazing father/daughter relationship. But it all began with Kara’s willingness to forgive.

Forgiveness is a tough thing, and I so admire the way Kara kept her eye on the ball, and never gave up believing that one day, she’d become more than a “Love Child,” and become a beloved daughter.

A fabulous read, heartwarming, funny, and a true testimony of how love always finds a way. Go, Kara!

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