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August 13, 2013

free stuffOkay, so here’s the deal; this is the last hurrah before the kiddies start school and summer officially ends. Let’s make summer last a bit longer by hitting the beach, hiking in the mountains, and reading a fabulous book.

To help feed that cry for fun, we’re giving away freebie e-books to the first 15 readers. I’m offering a selection from our backlist  because they rock. You may only choose one book. Be sure to put which title you want in the Subject line.

Example: Free e-book: The War of the Rosens.

Email me at lynn-at-behlerpublications-dot-com

Charting the Unknown (memoir) – Have you ever dreamed of chucking it all and doing something you’ve always dreamed of doing? Like living on that tropical island? Well, Kim Petersen and her husband did it. They tossed it all aside to live on a gorgeous boat and sail the world with their two teenagers – and in the process, learned valuable lessons about fear and love…and laughing like a foolio.

Nothing Short of Joy (memoir) – Julie Genovese is about the most infectiously happy people I know. This beautiful woman always has a smile on her face and a song in her heart. But she wasn’t born that way. She had to work to overcome a childhood of taunts and physical pain to reach a point of sheer joy, love, and happiness.

KTLA’s News at Ten: Sixty Years With Stan Chambers (memoir) – If you live in Los Angeles, or anywhere in Southern California, then you know Stan Chambers. He has long been an L.A. news icon and one of the business’s nicest guys. He was able to get breaking news stories because people trusted him. That included the story heard ’round the world – the Rodney King beating…and many others.

Dr. Zastro (fiction) – This novel is just plain lovely. A historical love story that still makes my heart swell whenever I read it. In fact, I’ve read it so many times, my Kindle app on my tablet is threatening to explode. Le sigh…

The War of the Rosens (fiction) – Is there any more endearing character than little Emma Rosen? Personally, I don’t think so. She’s a bright spot in a dysfunctional family, whose honest, pure questions about the world around her eventually heal everyone she touches. Love, love, love this book.

Donovan’s Paradigm (fiction) – Um…ok, gotta come clean and admit this is my book. Two very lively surgeons are at odds with each other due to their beliefs about medicine, and their fireworks threaten to rip apart the sanctity of the surgical ward, and their own lives. Geez, that sounds really Harlequin-ish, doesn’t it? It isn’t. If you’re looking for sex, forget it. If you’re looking for delicious, thought-provoking characters who make you think about whether your doctor’s beliefs impact the way they treat you, then this be for you.

Julie Genovese…you so rock

September 4, 2012

We all have challenges in our lives – no one is immune. But consider the possibility of every day of your life as being nothing but a challenge. So it was for little person, Julie Genovese. Julie may only top the charts at 4’3″, but she has a bigger and stronger spirit than most, and I’m incredibly proud and honored to have published her fabulous book, NOTHING SHORT OF JOY.

I see so many people today who make it their goal to play the victim game, and it’s so refreshing to see someone say, “Ah screw that, I have better things to do with my life.” But she didn’t get to that point easily. She was taunted as a little girl, high school was painful, and her early adult life was achingly hard…until one day Julie decided this wasn’t any way to live. Victimhood is about perspective, just as joy is…and Julie’s perspective is as infectious as her delightful laugh. Apparently, ABC feels the same, and did a wonderful story on her. Then a UK site – Mail Online – picked up the story as well.

I think what comes through most of all in Julie’s book is the overall message of self-esteem. Without it, you’re only living half a life. Whether you’re a little person, overweight, or have a horn growing out your forehead, it’s what’s inside that makes you beautiful – and Julie touches that cord so well in her writing that you simply don’t have the space to hate yourself anymore. Wanna feel good about you and life? Pick up a copy of NOTHING SHORT OF JOY.

Julie Genovese rocks it

March 24, 2010

I remember shoving everything off my desk – including the beagle – and yanking out the telephone cord so I could read Julie Genovese’s manuscript in peace. I didn’t move for hours because I was so gripped with her story. Nothing Short of Joy is a story about a little person with a huge story and a huge life.

What made this book so important to me is that the theme goes far beyond the life of a brave woman suffering from a rare form of dwarfism. It’s about combating our inner demons that we build up in our lives so much that we become to believe they are what define us. Julie’s book shows us that’s all a load of yak dung.

Julie was interviewed by the lovely Harris Faulkner from Fox News, and I wanted to share this wonderful interview so you can capture the infectious essence of Julie Genovese.

Part 2

Nothing Short of Joy – must read

November 6, 2009

joy2If any of you are heading to the internationally renowned Wayne Dyer event in Massachusetts on November 16, be sure to stop and talk to a very special lady, and make sure you buy her very special book.

Wayne Dyer invited our author, Julie Genovese, to join him because he was so taken with her book, Nothing Short of Joy. The book isn’t due out until March, but we did a special print run just for this event. So you can be one of the lucky few to read a book by a beautiful woman whose brilliant smile and presence outshines her diminutive size.

Said Dyer:

Nothing Short of Joy is a masterpiece that will take you out of your comfort zone and into a magical world of joy. I love this book. I love this woman. Read it and reap.”

This lovely book is much more than just a masterpiece. It’s a journey through fire. How many of us have experiences that color who we become in later life? Come, raise your hands. If you’re honest, your hand is in the air. How many of us have allowed those early experiences to get in the way of our being the very best that we could be? We may know we have the potential but can’t quite seem to get there.

Well Julie’s path was unique and served as my personal inspiration to always pay attention to how my past influenced my “now.” Not only did she have to endure the daily taunts of school bullies, but she was routinely put on exam tables at the doctors’ offices and held up for close scrutiny. Her rare form of dwarfism made her feel like a lab specimen rather than a human being who deserved respect, kindness, and explanations.

Having endured countless surgeries to correct easily dislocated elbows, hips, and knees, and two brain surgeries – Julie grew up wanting the same things we all want. Love. Marriage. Happiness. But what she realized is that those elements aren’t “out there,” but rather, inside each of us. She spent her entire lifetime focused on one goal and would stop at Nothing Short of Joy.

If you want a journey of brilliant writing where inner fears, hopes, and dreams are exposed like an uncovered seashell, then you will eat up this book. If you want to learn about yourself, quite by accident, Nothing Short of Joy will be your guide. This is one of those books that will make readers say, “I’m a better person for having read this book.”

Julie, you so rock. Go to Wayne’s event and kick ass and take names.

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