Police Blotter

As seen in the OC Register’s Police Blotter:

Officers were called to the parking lot of the Hurry Up and Drink ‘Em drive-through margarita factory where a woman and beagle were in the process of making serious merry. The woman was wearing a fruit plate special on her head – legally purchased from Soup Plantation – and the beagle was sporting what she claimed as her Halloween costume. We will let readers be the judge.

Officers offered to drive the woman and beagle home, as officers are intimately familiar with the beagle and her group of German Shepherds. The woman was compliant, stating that she and the beagle were celebrating the literary wins of a number of their books. “We’re award winning authors, dontcha know?” she slurred numerous times.

Officers allowed the woman to polish off the last of her margarita before climbing into the police cruiser. She was dropped off at her residence and made numerous promises to get serious with her blog on Thursday. Today, we’re certain she is nursing a headache.

The beagle, however, had other ideas. She was last seen on the back of a Harley Davidson screeching, “Channel the beagle….muhahahaha!”

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of the beagle should call Behler Publications, as she has filing to do.

7 Responses to Police Blotter

  1. Scott says:

    I’m acutely embarassed for the beagle and acutely jealous that you were sloshed on margaritas . . . and I wasn’t! Ha!


  2. It’s nice that you’re embarrassed for the beagle, Scott. Lord knows she isn’t.

  3. Webb says:

    Finally, a blog post I understand.

  4. Webb, go stand in the corner.

  5. Lauren says:

    Margaritas are very easy to understand.


  6. They are the root of all evil. Well…that and the beagle. Truly evil.

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