Birthdays are a time for discounts

So I wrote about my upcoming milestone birthday in a previous post and pondered how best to celebrate turning fifty-effing-five.


The beagle lopped of the price of her cover art purses by $5.50. So large purses will cost $54.50 and the small one will cost $39.50.

Click to enlarge

She says that even if you don’t have cover art, you can still play. Do you have a couple favorite family photos? They make fun purses.

Or what about advertising your business? Or your photography?

You don’t have to be an author to have a cool one-of-a-kind bag. Oh, and the beagle says that you can order them as a shoulder bag as well.

So that’s it. If you’re interested, just go to I Can Haz Purse and follow the pathetically easy instructions. The beagle insists that satisfaction is guaranteed. I told her not to worry – the sales teams and our fellow publishers that we met in New York freaked out over my bag and wanted to order some for their authors.

3 Responses to Birthdays are a time for discounts

  1. Barbara Behler esino says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I was curious about your blog. My dad was George Behler. He was a drummer.

  2. GutsyWriter says:

    How long will the discount be in effect? Up until your June 23rd birthday? You mentioned your hip. Are you going to have surgery before or after your birthday? Or is it no longer necessary?

  3. GutsyWriter says:

    Ooops. Just noticed the side bar with the date for the discount, June 23rd.

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